"I know when I see it."


Software as a Service designed
with Architecture, Design, Art, and
Product Development in mind.


Optimizing decision-making by
leveraging visual content, AI-driven cloud analytics,
preference evaluation, and predictive insights.

36 million images are created every 10 minutes

5B +

Images created daily

>3.5T +

Images shared a year


Visual brain process vs text

Dataset:Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons;attribution OpenAI Microscope

About us

Curaitor® is a Visual Intelligence SaaS platform to optimize decision-making.

In industries like Architecture, Design, Art, and Product Development, visual communication plays an essential role. However, there is often a lack of understanding on what makes an image successful. Today's volume of data coupled with the rise of distributed companies adds complexity and new challenges to swift and well-informed decisions.

Recognizing these challenges, we developed Curaitor QuickQuestion, powered by state-of-the-art AI in a combination of Computer Vision, Generative AI, and Semantic processing, to decipher the intricacies of style by translating visual preferences into tangible insights. Businesses gain clarity on visual preferences and accelerate their decision making.

With Curaitor®, AI-driven image analysis bridges the gap between visual content and decision-making, ensuring transparency, reducing friction, and saving time. Redefine the way you interpret and act on visual data.

Advanced Recognition of images

Curaitor® is powered by the most advanced deep learning neural networks.

Speak in Images

Using a Visual Vocabulary is more efficient, accurate and uncomplicated for design and architectural professionals.

AI assisted human intellience

Curaitor® streamlines decision making, communication and collaboration.